Friday, December 7, 2007

My Silly Name

I wasn't sure how to introduce myself initially, because I'm not sure I'm really that interesting, except perhaps to myself and my dog. Oh, wait, I don't have a dog. Humph.

I am the Country Mouse to my old college roommate's City Mouse. (I don't mean that she is old. Certainly not, because we are the same age. I just mean that I no longer live with her.) Annie and I were paired up by the computer our freshman year, and what an interesting ride it's been. We hardly like any of the same things, except the Barenaked Ladies, alfredo sauce, and each other. She had never seen a Black Angus cow until she met me, and I had never ridden a subway until she took me on one. I hardly ever have again, unless you count in Washington D.C. and Toronto, but I don't think those count as actual subways because they're so clean. Anyway, one time I was trying to explain to her why I didn't like something (I can't remember what is was, but probably living with so many people in such a small space), and she said, "You're such a country mouse." Since she's pretty firmly a city mouse, we'll likely never live together again. I like visiting cities, and I even lived in one for almost five years. At heart, though, I like it out here where the nearest grocery store is at least a 15 minute drive away.

Besides, I got married to a farm boy, and he's not moving anywhere where he can't have at least five acres around him.

Speaking of the farm boy, he's going to be herding me into bed soon, so I'd better sign off. Happy December!


poorpauly said...

the Country Mouse seems like a cute and smart lady whose life may never include a dog...