Monday, November 30, 2009

Going Into a Skid

So earlier this year I decided to knit a bunch of Christmas presents. Every niece and nephew on my side of the family is getting the same thing in different colors. I don't love the nieces and nephews on the other side any less, by the way. It just didn't seem appropriate. Maybe because my family is measurably weirder*.

Anyway, it's a blessing, because I couldn't handle knitting 14 of the same thing. I'm doing seven as it is. I started in April, fell apart over the summer, picked back up in September and made good progress. During November, I cranked out two complete projects in two weeks. I have about one and one-tenth left, and I have gone into a serious skid.

I seem to have a cycle on knit Christmas gifts. I do it every other year. So next year, I'll still remember that I hate knitting on a deadline (It's supposed to be fun. Deadlines are Not Fun.). Then in 2011, I'll decide that it will be fun, and if I start early and stay organized, it will be be easy. And I'll post this very same thing in December.

Are there any carols about knitting? I need some inspiration!

*That will make more sense after Christmas when I can post a picture. Though if you know us, it probably makes a whole lot of sense right now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Brown Howler Monkey

Here are some belated Halloween pictures. Courtesy of Jill, who took a few shots for me when I discovered I had forgotten to check the battery pack in my camera. Whoops. Thanks, Jill!

Levi was blissfully unaware of why he was dressed as a monkey (possibly he was even unaware that he was dressed as anything in particular), but enjoyed himself anyway. He even scored a miniature pumpkin from someone after pointing at it and saying "Ball!" with great joy.

In the meantime, he's progressed from the single word to "Whuz za ball?" which means anything from "Where's the ball?" to "More milk, please!" and, possibly, "Good morning!"

I know I've been AWOL. We've been busy! Doctor appointments, the county fair, spiky fevers, Tamiflu, just-appearing molars, bonfires, more doctors ... and I got a job. It's 20 hours a week from home (in other words, perfect), but adjusting to it has taken a little longer than I thought. I think I'm settling in, though.