Monday, November 30, 2009

Going Into a Skid

So earlier this year I decided to knit a bunch of Christmas presents. Every niece and nephew on my side of the family is getting the same thing in different colors. I don't love the nieces and nephews on the other side any less, by the way. It just didn't seem appropriate. Maybe because my family is measurably weirder*.

Anyway, it's a blessing, because I couldn't handle knitting 14 of the same thing. I'm doing seven as it is. I started in April, fell apart over the summer, picked back up in September and made good progress. During November, I cranked out two complete projects in two weeks. I have about one and one-tenth left, and I have gone into a serious skid.

I seem to have a cycle on knit Christmas gifts. I do it every other year. So next year, I'll still remember that I hate knitting on a deadline (It's supposed to be fun. Deadlines are Not Fun.). Then in 2011, I'll decide that it will be fun, and if I start early and stay organized, it will be be easy. And I'll post this very same thing in December.

Are there any carols about knitting? I need some inspiration!

*That will make more sense after Christmas when I can post a picture. Though if you know us, it probably makes a whole lot of sense right now.