Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Presents Complete

Hooray! All my Christmas presents are complete. I'm very excited. Now I just need to wrap them. Or -- and this is much more likely -- dump them in gift bags. Gift bags are God's little present to the wrapping paper impaired.

I will be posting pictures of the completed projects, but not until after the 28th -- our immediate family doesn't celebrate Christmas until then, and I don't want to give anything away. Even to my sister, who already knows what she's getting, but hasn't seen the purtiness of the finished product.

The Fabulous Maureen taught me a new stitch yesterday, and I'm whipping through a scarf using it. (In the picture, you can also view my new Lantern Moon needles, which I am pretty much in love with.)

She calls it Chain Link Fence, because when you stretch it out, it looks like a ... well, you know. It's very quick and I think it's so pretty. I have a stash of yarn that I've been looking for a project for, and I think I'm going to do an afghan in Chain Link Fence. Just as soon as I finish this scarf, which I think may be a fun gift for someone as yet to be named. Don't you just wish it was you? :)


Scarehaircare said...

Oh,me! ME! But then that would be really selfish considering I just received a wonderful knitted wrap.

I have got to learn to do this.