Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Knitting Pressure

So I went to my Sit 'n' Knit group this afternoon. I thought about skipping it, because I really needed to clean up the kitchen and vacuum and do some other things. Like put up the Christmas tree already. But then I decided that the dirt and the tree would be here when I got home, so off I went. And I was glad, as always.

We had a great time chatting away, though Pat was very quiet today. She's working on felted slippers that require her to count carefully on every single row. Counting like that always shuts me up, which is probably a relief for the other knitters!

It seems like everyone was working on Christmas gift projects. Pat's slippers were intended to be presents, but she's not going to get enough pairs done, so I believe she's given up on that. Melanie just finished a collection of purses for her aunts and mailed them yesterday. She said she never wants to knit another purse. Or at least not for a long time. Maureen, our Fearless Leader, put some finishing touches on a sock monkey, Jackie was working on socks (perhaps the only non-Christmas item) ,and Pam was attempting to finish a copy of a vintage knitted Christmas stocking. Everybody in her family has one, and she's making one for her granddaughter. It's got overstitching and sequins and all kinds of good stuff. She's very brave.

I was working on finishing a set of legwarmers for my big sister. They could not be easier: K2 P2 ribbing and sewn together at the edges. They're the third and final gift for Christmas that I am knitting. I didn't want to get into knitting a whole bunch of stuff, because I knew that I would just lose my mind at about this time, and I wasn't signing up for a nervous breakdown this year.

The darlin' boy is herding me into the car. He really is like a sheepdog. I'll be back ...


Scarehaircare said...

Carol - I've linked you up to mine. I wish you were closer and I could take knitting lessons from you. Its something I've always wanted to learn.

The Country Mouse said...

I wish you were closer, too! It's so much fun, and I love that it's a portable craft. I knit in a lot of waiting rooms. I'll be posting pictures of finished products, but not until after Christmas, just in case.

Anonymous said...

First time I had met you was this Wednesday at knitting and heard about your blog. Great start to a blog, you have inspired me. We also have a lot in common as I see from your posts. I have a dog!! No cows at the moment, just horses. See you Wednesday.