Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gratuitous Cute Pictures

That's it. Just some cute pictures. (If you have complaints about this post, please direct them to Auntie Lou, who will straighten out your priorities in short order.)

Levi likes his bath, although he loses patience with us when it's time to wash his hair. Last night, he took a shower with Mama (he's a slippery little sucker, but she held on very tight), which he really seemed to enjoy. His expressions were hilarious.

This was during a chorus rehearsal, when he was sleeping in his car seat. I was overcome by the cuteness of his little feet peeking out. I still am. (Hmmm. I cannot figure out how to rotate that picture in the blog. It's rotated on the computer, but doesn't transfer that way. To view properly, please flop your head over as if you are reading spines at the library.)

One of my favorite pictures so far.


Scarehaircare said...


MrsVJW said...

If you have a laptop, you can even flip the laptop over to look at the feet. But you might want to be smarter than me and make sure it's not connected to a zillion things that also flop about when you do that.

And Awwwwww!! Too cute.

Keely Marie said...

I love the picture of him getting a bath so cute!