Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Friendly Ghost

I had a totally weird experience today.

It was late morning, and I really wanted a shower. (I know. I'm so demanding like that.) I fed the baby his bottle, made sure he was well burped -- Paul is still trying to figure out why burps from the baby are praised, and burps from the daddy are not -- wrapped him up tight, and plunked him in his swing. I didn't turn it on, though, because he only likes that sometimes, and when he's not liking it, he lets you know. And off I toddled to the shower.

Just after I soaped up my hair for the first time, he started yelling. "Oh, well," thinks I. "Yell away." I'm really not heartless, but what am I going to do about it anyway? I may as well finish my shower. About that time, I thought that I may have heard a car door outside. But I didn't hear the house door, and I didn't hear voices or a knock or a doorbell or anything. So I rinsed and repeated, and then conditioned.

When I got out of the shower, I noticed that the baby had stopped crying. Nice. Probably fell asleep. I got dressed in peace, and walked out into the kitchen.

Where the baby was all swaddled up in the swing, wide awake. Swinging.

Somebody was in my house. The swing does not swing regularly all by itself unless you turn it on. Even if you walk by and give it a push, it doesn't start the mechanism. It just swings a few times and then stops when it runs out of steam.

As close as I can figure, somebody meant to stop and say hi. They came in through the garage, and stuck their head in the door when I didn't answer the knock. Heard a baby screaming, and so came in to see what was up. Heard the shower running and figured it out. Decided to start the swing (probably thinking that it had originally been running and had stopped), and then decided to come back another time.

I think it's clear that our ghost was benevolent. S/he wanted the baby to be happy, and for me to be able to finish my shower in peace. But I have no idea who it was. There was no note, no borrowed item returned on the table, and not even a footprint or anything for a clue.

So. Was it you? I'm really quite curious, and hoping someone will 'fess up. (And considering locking the doors more carefully when I shower, not because you are a kidnapper, but because you might have been, and then where would we be?)


Anonymous said...

i didnt do it

Keely Marie said...

(And considering locking the doors more carefully when I shower, not because you are a kidnapper, but because you might have been, and then where would we be?)

Yipes that is pretty odd!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me either. Good thing you've got friendly ghosts.

Paul said...

well, I for one am quite glad to see things happening that can't be blamed on the man of this house. Questions like; "who spilled water here?...why is there a mess around the stove?...why are there fingernail clippings on the floor?", can all possibly be attributed to this friendly intruder.

6stinkyfeet said...

I would love to take credit for this, but it weren't me, either.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

How odd.. Glad everything turned out okay. I know what you mean - I too have become master of the nanosecond shower. I have also let baby cry a wee bit while I finished bathing. Sometimes, you just gotta do it. :)

Scarehaircare said...

Oh it was me!

(wait,no, I live nowhere by you. Never mind.....)