Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of Cheese, and Other Things That Make Me Happy

I am tiring quickly of this silly diet. Of the things I may not have, I think I miss cheese the most. More than chocolate, even. Since I may not have any cheese with this particular whine (oh, har-har, I know), I thought I'd make me feel better by listing some things that make me happy that I may have:

- dozing through thunderstorms
- Handmaiden Sea Silk (being knit up into a surprise for Annie)
- big sloppy wet kisses from nieces and nephews
- friends who listen to me whine
- Netflix, who is singlehandedly keeping me entertained while I am too mentally foggy to focus on reading
- friends and family who will ferry me about without whining
- Socks that Rock, being knit up into socks for me

And none of those things are fattening, either. Perhaps I'll have to rethink my love of cheese.

Or not. Only 11 1/2 more days, Lord willing and I pass the blood test.