Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fetching Relatively Vegan Food

I cast one my first pair of Fetchings about 10 days ago and finished them in two days. (For those not obsessed with needle arts, Fetching is an insanely popular pattern published about two years ago at I began to see immediately why it's such a popular pattern. They work up really quickly and are very pretty. I used a cotton nylon blend yarn from KnitPicks, so these are also super soft. Here's a picture.

As of this morning, they're residing with their intended owner, Miss Beth. Who is married to Uncle Jeffy, but is not called Aunt. Keeping track of our actual relations, shirt-tail relations, and those we have just shanghaied into relation is rather complex. Ahem.

It's my fourth day on my not-quite-vegan low-iodine diet, and I'm doing well so far. Yesterday I made egg salad with egg whites only and avocado instead of mayonnaise. I found some dry mustard in the cupboard to spice it up a bit, and if you can get past the color -- sort of non-gendered baby blanket green without the cute factor -- it's pretty good. I had it open-face on bread today, with tomato slices on top. Fresh pineapple on the side. Not bad at all.

Not that I wouldn't jump on some lasagna if I could. I'm just sayin'.


Scarehaircare said...

Very cool knitting project! Too cute that DH liked the restaurant. I would love to find a place like that here.