Thursday, November 6, 2008

Phlegm for you? And you? And you? Yes, phlegm for three, please!

Ugh. We have picked up icky colds. Paul is less sick than I am (I have written this before, and notice a trend; how is this fair?), and we are waiting to see about Monsieur Bean.

I managed to leave our camera in Canada over the weekend, so no new pictures for awhile. In the meantime, enjoy these from the archives.

Bean Boy in his little cold-weather outfit made by mama. (If you follow the knitting, that is the BSJ I was working on in August. No pattern for the hat - I used the gee-I-hope-this-works method.) We went to an outdoor party/fish fry a couple of weekends ago, and the ensemble was put to good use.

Hats are good. Hats that slip down over your eyes are, clearly, not. Ooops.

Baby contemplates next move. Torment mother by crying inconsolably for no apparent reason? Smile spontaneously for maximum cuteness effect? Maintain dignified demeanor while entrapped in inexplicable and torturous baby-toting device? So many options.


Scarehaircare said...

Love the pics! Sending cyber chicken soup. Hope you feel better

6stinkyfeet said...

Left your camera in another country? Way to go!

I see a beautiful picture of Paul and son. Paul is not sleeping. YAY! :)

Love to you all. Feel better FAST!