Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Yes, I'm a bad blogger. Oops. The baby is unhappy about it, too. See?

Or he has gas in his tummy. It's hard to say.

I've been trying really hard to get a good picture of him in the sling. He spends really a lot of time there, and I figure we should document it. This picture was not it, though.

And neither was this one.

This one would be wonderful if I hadn't cut half his face off.

And this is the best I've achieved so far, I think. I'm going to keep trying, though.

We had to have a test done a couple of weeks ago which did not involve any needles nor any crying, but still resulted in him looking like he'd been in a fight.

Poor little guy. Time to go retrieve him from his nice warm living bed (he's sleeping on Daddy's chest). I'm sure he'll be really happy with me.

P.S. I neglected to talk about any knitting I've been doing. Which pretty much tells the whole story right there. Maybe later this week. (Oh, hush. Let me hold on to my illusions.)


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am a little hurt that there aren't more pictures of the daddy; he's awfully good looking...

sixstinkyfeet said...

Where is the darling, doting Daddy? Dozing? Come to think of it, that's all we've seen him do with Levi so far on here. hehehe.

Pauly Z said...

Very funny smarty pants, I mean feet. At least anonymous knows how to be nice. She and my mother-in-law, if no one else, are on my side.

sixstinkyfeet said...

Oh Pauly, you know I love you. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah more Levi pics I have to say he is one of my favorite nephews