Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Snowy Anniversary

Happy anniversary to us! It's been five years since Paul and I got married. I'm happier than ever that we did, and he is too. Or at least he says so.

We are celebrating with macaroni and cheese at home. Lest you think we are beyond redemption, we didn't intend to. We originally had a weekend getaway planned at Landoll's Mohican Castle, but had to reschedule because of my surgery planned for Monday. Instead, we decided that we'd go with our good friends Dan and Karen to The Melting Pot. The weather had different ideas. We are more or less snowed in. We could doubtless get out for an emergency, but somehow an anniversary dinner didn't qualify.

So mac and cheese at home it is. I'm disappointed about not getting my fondue, but it's been a peaceful night, and I'm thankful to be safe and warm, and with someone I love.

Deep snow, while not appealing in some ways, is very conducive to knitting. I whipped out an iPod sock today,

and worked on some thank you gifts for friends that have been helping me out. Michelle and Tanya came over yesterday and cleaned my house. It spells like Pledge, and in places it is actually sparkling. I can't tell you how peaceful it is. I've been so tired lately that I start to do something and quit half way through. So the poor house probably doesn't know what hit it. And they brought over five freezer meals with instructions on top, so Paul can just pull them out and stick them in the oven. I am beyond grateful.

The baby kimono has been finished for a few days, but I still need to figure out a fastener for it. Here are a couple of pictures of it in a state of completion and non-fastenation. (Hee.)

Also working on a baby blanket. It's not for anyone in particular, but there's always a baby shower coming up, it seems. This should be a cute gift for one that sneaks up on me in the future.

I'll be off now, to knit in front of the fire. Aaaaah.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay. I wish you many, many more. Good Luck with your surgery, we are praying for you. Jackie

Kaiti . said...

I clicked over from the Yarn Harlot's blog - just loved your mom's comment about the floors!! Great blog, hope your surgery went well, and that you get to go to Landoll's Mohican Castle soon - it looks gorgeous.