Thursday, March 27, 2008

Healing Quickly

It's been almost three weeks since I posted. Sorry 'bout that. To make it up to you, here's a picture of my neck. (I know. It's so exciting.)

Seriously, though ... there are several of you that I don't get to see in person very often, and I thought you might want to see how it's healing up. We're very thankful. It's still a bit swollen along the incision, but I'm told that's because the stitches under the skin haven't dissolved yet. They will dissolve eventually, and then I'll just have a pink line that will fade to white. A woman at church showed me her 11-year old thyroidectomy scar a week or so ago, and it's really nothing at all.

I met with the surgeon this week, and he was very pleased with my progress (as if I did anything but sit around and take opiates for a while). I have no restrictions, a clean bill of health, and apparently no more chance of recurrence or other cancer than anyone else who has never had cancer at all. Pretty cool.

In knit news, stuff has been flying off the needles. Either I'm devoting too much time to it, or I'm getting faster at this. Probably it's the former, but I'm caught up with laundry and mostly with dishes, so I'm not going to get all picky about it.

Here are some really fun dishcloths I worked on in the hospital -- very cheery, they were.

I have a few other really fun projects, one of which is a Big Secret, and some which I just don't have pictures of yet. Must work on that.

Is anyone really, really ready for spring? Paul tells me that it's just around the corner, and one day I'll wake up and the grass will be green. Maybe it will be tomorrow!


Scarehaircare said...

So happy that you are up. EW, ICK!!! on the scar. No, really, its not bad at all - I just had to give a proper reaction. :) I'm so grateful for your clean bill of health. I love the knitting projects and now I can't wait to see The Big Secret.

I'm on my 17th baby hat (crochet, still don't know how to knit). I will post pics of those, soon. I hope to have 50 by May 1st.

Jen Giordano said...

Checking out your blog for the 1st time in too long. I MUST have the pattern for those awesome dishclothes that you made in the hospital! And do I know what the Big Secret Project was, and just didn't know that it was secret?