Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Three Little Words

Not the ones anybody wants to hear, though.

I have cancer.

More specifically, I have a papillary tumor on my thyroid. (If you want to, you can find out more about that here.) It's very treatable, it's been diagnosed early, and I'm seeing a surgeon in only a week to discuss the course of treatment. The prognosis is excellent, and there is a lot to be thankful for.

But ...

I. Have. Cancer.

I don't think I've really wrapped my mind around it yet.


Scarehaircare said...

My aunt read your blog and emailed this msg to me to give to you:

pls convey to your friend that has cancer:

"I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1987 and my youngest child was about two years old. They took 1/2 out and it had cancer in it. They had me return yearly for blood tests and a neck exam. I was put on Synthroid and will be on it forever. At that time they didn't do the radioactive iodine thing to kill any remaining thyroid cells as they do now. They left 1/2 because of the possibility of damaging the parathyroids which regulate the calcium in the body. Yearly exams continued until 1996 and the other side started getting bigger. I had a needle biopsy and although no cancer cells showed, the Dr. advsied that because of my history I have the other 1/2 out, which I did. Still no radioactive treatment, but annual blood tests and neck exams (reminds me . . .I'm late on mine). Alive and well. I was told it was the best kind of cancer to get. I know there are several types of cancer in the thyroid, but I'll say a prayer for her. No matter where you get it, the "C" word is scary."

Let me add my love and prayers. There are lot of Cookies who care dearly for you. That is a lot of prayers and good thoughts on your side. {{{{huge hugs}}}}

MrsVJW said...

It's always scary to find out something like that is going on within the confines of your own body.

You just have to remind yourself... it's not what it was even several years ago. I know far, far, FAR too many people going thru this right now, including my brother who is waiting to find out if they're going to remove a good section of his colon or just deal with the polups. My aunt has gone through breast cancer, and a cousin is going through it right now.

Keep yourself and your spirit strong, and fight it. You couldn't control it happening to you, but you can control what happens next in the process. Be thankful of the medical advances that make the detection early and that can fight this better than the common cold. And take the cue that life is precious, and we should always appreciate what we have while we have it. And we should fight tooth and nail to keep it.