Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My birthday was a week ago. I saw my friend Jen yesterday for lunch, and she asked me how it was. My answer made her laugh out loud. Apparently I'm the first person of whom she's asked that question who said, "Honestly, it was pretty awful."

I started it off with a full-on argument with a nurse over the phone. I know that there are many medical professionals out there who are incredible, sensitive people. I am in fact related to several and friends with some others. This lady is not one of them. Then my darling took me away for the night to try and get my mind off everything that we have going on. Unfortunately, I was pretty sick and ended up with my breakfast in the sink. Bleah. On the way home, Paul asked what I'd like to do for Valentine's Day. I asked if we could just take a pass on the whole thing this year. He was agreeable. Even after my fever abated, I didn't regret the request. Saint Who?

In happier news, I'm working on a little cable-licious swatch, which is a sort of a prerequisite to a project we're going to start in the Wednesday knit group. Some of us in the group are going to be working on squares for Great American Aran Afghan. It's my most ambitious cast-on so far, and I'm a little skeered. But I think I'll learn a lot by attempting it, which is really my goal.

And the Girl Scout cookies have arrived. I will be eating all of them. Today. Seriously, what do they put in there?