Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Digging Out

Wow. I was out of town, then I had houseguests, and I'm working some this week, which I usually don't. It's been a little wild around here. I'm currently digging through all of the papers on my desk and hoping that none of them are badly past their expiration date. Or that I am unable to decipher some of the notes I wrote myself. (Like when I put something valuable in a "safe place." Our passports, for example. I'm sure they'll turn up.)

The smallest person in the house has produced four teeth on the top in the last few days, though not without suffering. I feel a little sad about it (and not just because of the grouchiness). I will miss his enormous gummy grin, and I was just getting used to the two on the bottom. I probably need to get a grip, or I'll never survive preschool graduation.

I have finally uncovered the camera, and it has lots of really fun pictures on it. I'm sure I'll post some of them soon. Here's one to hold you over.

Ice cream. It's what's for dinner.


6stinkyfeet said...

I can't wait to see pictures (bigger than cell phone size) of the little bugger at the beach!