Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Secret

My friend Carrie has a dear daughter who was scheduled for heart surgery on May 1. I wanted terribly to DO something for them, but since they live eight states away (or more; I didn't count), I couldn't give them hugs or bring them food, which is my usual expression of love and concern.

So I thought about knitting something. A prayer shawl seemed like an okay idea, but not quite right for a five year old. I was stewing about it and not coming up with anything and coming right down to the time when I really needed to cast on or I'd never make it (and yes, maybe panicking a little), and I found the pattern for this.

(Modeled by a friend's daughter, since just lying there by itself on the couch it looked like the dog's breakfast.)

It's a Little Red Riding Hood cape. It's a costume, it's a toy, it's a warm hug, and it's a prayer shawl. I was very happy. (I was also very happy that it was well within my limited knitting skill set.)

Carrie is a loyal reader, so I didn't dare post anything about it before the package reached her. Happily, the mail was quick, and I found this picture on her blog.

Anyway, the Big Secret itself was physically small, but it was a big surprise for Carrie and her daughter. And it was perhaps my favorite thing I've knit so far, and the most fun I've had. It was a nicely done pattern, and easy to knit, but I think the secret was all the love and good wishes that were in my heart while I was knitting.

I am happy to report that Little Red Riding Hood came through surgery like a trouper, and the surgery itself was pronounced a resounding success. She'll be wandering through the woods for many many years, charming the teeth out of the big bad wolf, and spreading her special brand of love.


Mary said...

Lovely! What a treasure you made for that special little girl!

Scarehaircare said...

Lauren absolutely loves her cape and it is now the de riguer ensemble whenever we travel to the hospital.

And Carrie absolutely loves her dearest Cookie friend who would even think up such an expression of love and thoughtfulness. Carrie wishes she weren't 8 states away (I didn't count either) so she could hug The Country Mouse and bring her Vegan food during this whole ordeal. BTW, how long for the vegan menu?

xoxo and more xoxo

The Country Mouse said...

Vegan menu is from June 12 until a few days after the radiation treatment, which if all goes well will be July 1.

It's not really an ordeal, but it is really annoying and I just want all this behind me already! Patience isn't my best thing. :)