Monday, January 14, 2008

Sickness of Various Sorts

1. Sock Sickness

I am taking a firm hold on myself and refusing to buy sock yarn. But just look at THIS and THIS (click the capital letters to see the pictures). Is there anyone on earth that would not love socks made out of this yarn? I don't think so. Your feet would be so happy they would dance by themselves. Yes, it is frightfully expensive. But that is not the worst thing.

This is the worst thing: I don't know how to knit socks.

I just want the yarn. It does make me want to learn to knit socks, though. Perhaps if I complete a pair of lovely socks in economical yarn, I will give myself a present. An expensive present. A present that will only make the sickness worse.

I think I should get an internet filter that blocks Blue Moon Fibers. They are clearly evil marketing geniuses.

2. Hat Sickness

I am knitting a lovely (terribly boring) hat for someone. He has a large head, which bothers me only because I am very sick of this hat. Boys don't seem to like things in vivid colors with frilly edges**. It's sad, and makes it much less fun to knit for them.

3. Actual Clinical Sickness

My darling (thank you, dear) brought the ick home from work. My throat feels swollen to thrice its normal size and is very scratchy. In addition, my head hurts and I've lost my balance. I am running into corners and walls in an entertaining (if you're not the performer) way. If you see me with large bruises, be aware that Paul is responsible for them only in the sense that he originally infected me.

** Except Paul, who has been known to wear pink feather boas to church. But not in our home county.